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Handle with Care Ring

The Purpose
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Story Behind The Ring

Every jewelry piece has a story, and this is mine. A year ago I wrote a book called 'Handle with Care,' which shares my story on how I discovered my true identity and self-worth through heartbreak, unhealthy relationships, my relationship with Jesus, and my journey to finding my purpose. The last chapter discusses the reason I chose to stay pure before marriage. This decision that I made at twelve years old meant a lot to me for various reasons and I quickly discovered the lack of beautiful purity rings on the market. I felt like God asked me to design a purity ring, which felt out of my element, but I said yes! 

The process took a year; it was difficult, it was confusing, and it was completely out of faith due to the fact that I had no idea who would want to buy them, let alone wear them. As the process began to unfold, God spoke to me very clearly that these were more than just purity rings, and they were more than just rings in general. These rings would signify the desire to fully discover who Jesus called each of us to be. It would soon serve as a reminder to the unhealthy way in which I treated myself, and allowed others to treat me. It would serve as a reminder to love the way that God carefully designed me and to view myself through His eyes. I realized that it is okay to put yourself first in a relationship and still care about your partner's feelings. I learned that it is okay to walk away when you don't feel loved. I discovered that it is okay to say 'no' and to stand firm in what you believe in. I learned that God will always put me back together and that I will make it through. I learned that it is okay to unapologetically choose  my desires, my dreams, & myself...

I pray that this ring takes its own meaning in your life and serves as a reminder of your beliefs, your decisions, and your journey. I would love to see these rings on you, so if you purchase your own, please tag me on Instagram @raquelalyse and I'll repost it! 

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