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Raquel Alyse Music
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Long Island born artist Raquel Alyse is a 22 year-old emerging singer/songwriter whose mixed genre songs have allowed her to create music with a sense of freedom, being stripped from the expectations or terms of others. She seeks for her music to speak as soul poetry married to a melody and steps out of the norm by combining genres ranging from christian, to pop, to alternative, to R&B/Soul. She is inspired by the empowerment, creativity, and freedom of Kiana Lede, Billie Eillish, and SZA. As a 12 year-old she began singing in church and writing her own music, and has now found herself through her art. Raquel is now unafraid, passionate, and determined to start her journey of continued soul-searching and healing through her music.

Raquel desires for her music to be a pillar towards healing for those who have lost their sense of worth in hopes that somewhere along the way they can find peace and knowledge of self-worth and self-love. As she writes from places of hurt, joy, confusion, happiness, and everything in between she wants listeners to feel more hopeful and much less broken. She is not the next Taylor Swift of breakup songs, but she does create with a mindset of honesty and truth. Her songs are her story and you should absolutely follow along as she steps out into the art world and away from the shy little girl who used to only sing behind closed doors with everyone’s eyes turned away. She is ready to share her heart with anyone who is willing to listen.



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