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Handle with Care

Raising Up Influencers Of  This Generation


Below is a general list of topics from Raquel's book that she covers in speaking engagements. She also speaks on topics not mentioned below based on revelations from the Lord. Her heart is to save, heal, and deliver, as Jesus did. She desires to teach young adults the importance of a first love relationship with the Lord. Below also includes her YouTube videos and previous speaking engagements; feel free to take a listen.

Image by Jess moe


My book Handle with Care speaks greatly on identity. Rather than seeking our identity and trying to find it on our own, we must first seek God, then everything else will be thrown in, such as our identity and knowledge of our worth through being a daughter or son of the King. 

Image by Elizabeth Pishal


My book Handle with Care speaks largely on purpose as well. Some believe that they do not have purpose, but really, they simply have yet to discover it. If you are on this earth still, then the Lord is not done with you. All of His promises for you will come to pass. You have a purpose here. 

Image by Shifaaz shamoon


Have you ever been in a toxic relationship? Are you struggling with your season of singleness? Learn how to steward your season of dating and or singleness well, with the intentions and success of being holy and pleasing to God. This also includes relationship & intimacy with God.

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