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You Must Not Know Bout' Me

Welcome! My name is Raquel, many also call me Rocky. I am 23 years old; Jesus is the center of my life; I sing, play piano, play guitar, and I write music. I have three brothers and amazing parents. I live for music and Jesus, but I love to create anything, travel and explore, and play soccer.

My goal in life is to simply live, inspire, and create. To live for others, to live for God, & to live for myself. I strive to help make things and people beautiful.

I pretty much live my life like I am the main character of my own movie, because I am. I think if my dreams are imaginable, then they are possible; especially because God loves when we dream big and believe in Him for the impossible.
I was super confused of what to do with my life for basically 21 years but God has been revealing small puzzle pieces along the way. He gave me the idea to start Shiloh Sessions, which you can learn more about on this website. I will be doing that through my family's ministry, Global Nest Ministries. He has given me songs. I am also the owner and creator of R.A.D Collaborative where I build apps, websites, and logos for clients. In addition, I create app ideas (I am working on my own app called ContrApp!). God also told me to start a YouTube channel, so go check out Raquel Alyse and Raquelalysemusic. Lastly, I am an author. My book Handle with Care is out now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, & more! My blogs touch on the topics that are in my book, as well as other struggles that we face in life. Go check those out from my home page! I hope to be the influencer of this generation among others so that God's kingdom can be magnified. 

I have a passion and yearning to create. No matter what it is, I just want to create. Create moments, create inspiration, create art, create opportunity, creative passion, create beauty. It took me a while to realize that I was overthinking everything; I held back on what I wanted to really do and I found myself settling. Through that, I have come to the conclusion that I would rather live my life as care free as possible, while maintaining wisdom. I try not to take things too seriously, which allows me to actually live and do. I have big dreams that will someday turn into reality. I am just getting started but I fully intend on finding myself frolicking through the streets of, I don't know, Rome or something. I hope I can inspire you in some way and help you to become inspired through yourself. In the mean time, thanks for coming to my Ted Talk and I hope you stick around.  

"Seek first the Kingdom and all else will be added..."

christian book on identity for women
christian book on identity for women
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