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Handle with Care Study Group

If you are seeking to be part of a Christian community of women where we will discuss how to discover your identity through Christ, how to navigate relationships and singleness, how to know your purpose and accomplish it and more, then this is for YOU! There is nothing more that we would love, than for you to join this movement and see a generation transformed. Register below to be the first member of the Handle with Care study group!

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Sessions will be held every Wednesday at 7pm.

Please email Raquel if you have further questions. 

What is the HWC Concept?

The time is 11:22 PM and you’re sitting in your room, wondering if you will ever be enough, if you will always feel this way. Your heart feels fragile, and your mind seems to be against you. You question what you are missing within yourself, but many others have been right there with you; what you feel seems to disagree with that notion. 

However, what does it look like to handle yourself with care and how do you do it in a world where identity is found in external sources, such as people, purpose, hobbies, and jobs, and not the Creator of identity and people?

“Handle with Care” is your entire self wrapped up in the concept of first, finding God, and in exchange, finding yourself; then everything else is thrown in. It is the greatest love story of all-time, with you as the bride and Him as the bridegroom who died for your sins. It is about taking control of your pessimistic thoughts and protecting your heart, because from it flows the springs of life (Proverbs 4:23), which God prioritizes. He instructs us to guard our hearts above all else (Proverbs 4:23). “Handle with Care” is a mindset that chooses to lift oneself up rather than stooping to the devil’s playing field. It is a choice to pursue God and allow Him to satisfy you, as He is the only One who can anyway.         

“Handle with Care” is reflected in the little moments when you recognize your life-changing victories. Suddenly, one day, you will look back on your troubling memories and old habits and see that God truly did bring you from glory to glory (2 Corinthians 3:18). 

Before discussing how to handle ourselves with care and reach our full potential, let’s first talk about the One who is the root of everything.

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