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Raquel Alyse


If you need an escape, encouragement in your season, or just need a good time and a good listen, go check out my Podcast and Youtube channel! Don't forget to subscribe and follow!

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The reason I started YouTube is that one day I was at a conference and I heard God tell me to start a channel. I was really surprised and was not a huge fan of the idea, but I texted two of my best friends telling them what I heard. Two hours later a lady randomly gave me a prophetic word and said, "God wants you to start your YouTube channel today. Not tomorrow, not next week, now. He says you are an influencer." I was now even more surprised but then an hour later another prophet said "God says that you are an influencer." I knew my assignment was clear, so here I am, a year later.

So, go Subscribe if you want to and feel free to tell me in the comment section what videos you'd like to see!


Funnily enough, the same exact way that God told me to start a YouTube channel is the same way that He told me to start a podcast. It is not yet available, but it is COMING SOON!


Handle with Care
The Podcast

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