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Believing in His Promises

October 6th, 2021

One day God told me to start praying for a specific dream to come to pass. I am going to keep this dream personal, however, I would like to share what happened through His command. The week that He spoke this dream to me and told me that it was going to happen, I began to ask for it and speak it over my life. It was something that I never desired because I believed it was so far out of my reach. Notice how I said my reach. What I failed to recognize was that it is out of my reach, yes, but nothing is ever out of God’s reach.

Two weeks later, a family friend gave me a prophetic word saying that the dream I was praying for (she did not know that God told me to start praying for this dream) was going to happen, but that God was going to give me even more than what I am asking for.

A month later, I met a guy who is incredibly connected in the business that this dream was involved with. To my surprise, another month later, God gave me an even greater connection in this business. A month later I went to California by myself for three weeks. I went in with certain expectations, none of which occurred; but on the last day of my trip, I met an individual at a streetlight who was one of the second-best connections I could have gotten, for this dream to come to pass. Things like this kept happening for a total of six months. Within such a short time frame, I gained four connections, and many confirmations that made me finally realize, “Okay, this dream can come to pass, and I believe in it now.”

I spoke to my mentor about all these little signs occurring that surrounded this dream being able to happen and asked her thoughts on what God was doing through these signs. She said that she believes God is showing me through all these connections how simple it is for Him to open doors for me and for the dream to come to pass. All it takes for God to give us impossible dreams is the snap of His fingers because we have a God who can move mountains, making all things possible. She also said she believes God was making all of this occur just so that I would have faith and believe in the dream with Him. As I said prior, I was doubtful it could come to pass because of my own abilities, but now I had faith and certainty that it will happen because I believe in God’s abilities.

Here are some facts to help you agree with me that God can do anything in your life no matter how illogical or impossible it seems. He created you, with a body so intricate that it can heals its own wounds. He created the sun, moon, stars, universe, galaxies, and everything in existence. He made a human out of breath and dirt. He raised His son to come back to life after a brutal murder. He heals cancer and people who cannot walk. See what I mean?

God loves dreamers because it means you have faith, and faith pleases Him. He loves dreamers because it gives Him so much more to work with, rather than an individual who is pessimistic and doubtful; He has to spend much more time on those types of people, essentially proving Himself to them. God loves dreamers because it means you trust Him enough to hold your life in His hands. The reason we go through trials and the process that it can sometimes take to reach our dreams, is because sometimes we need to show our faith through our actions, which comes by going through challenges. If life was simple, we wouldn’t need faith and we wouldn’t need God.

We need to believe in the promises that God has given us. Why? Because as I said, it proves your faith. Also, because God is not a liar, nor does He change His mind. So, when He says He is going to do something for you, He means it. In fact, it is impossible for Him to lie! That job is for the enemy (the father of lies).

Today I was telling my friend about this very story, and I had an important meeting that fell through. She said, “Man, I am so sorry, I know that meeting would have been very helpful for you to get to where you want to be.” I said, “Don’t be sorry, I only rely on My God, especially because of situations like this. God is the only one who will take me where I need to be.”

The thing is, if you become reliant on man, over God, then that becomes an idol in your life. The only constant in your life will only ever be God because He is the only one who is perfect. Jobs fail, finances fail, people fail, the world will fail us time and time again. So, to put your eggs in a basket that has holes in it, is foolish. It was proven in this exact situation where man failed me; I would be worried right now if I did not have a God that provides favor in my life and fulfills my purposes.

When God promises you something, He will never change His mind, fail you, turn His back on you, or leave you deserted. That is not His character. Trusting that God will do the impossible or do something so big in your life that it hurts your brain, shows God that your faith is in Him. Faith makes you righteous. Faith is what heals you. Faith opens doors. Faith is pleasing to God. Relying on God will build a foundation for you that is stable because He never fails.



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