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Foolish Man

Raquel Alyse

October 9th, 2021

I ponder my life and all the times that I have struggled. I have wept, I have felt broken, heartbroken, confused, angry, lonely, sad. I have felt these emotions, allowing myself to dwell in them. Now looking back on all those moments, I have realized that I was a foolish man. Here’s why.

I was so stressed about feeling too young for what God has called me to do. Worried about the outcome of my book. What if I don’t say all the right things? What if it doesn’t have the impact God intended for because I didn’t do it correctly? What will I do with my life after? God says, “Foolish man to worry about tomorrow.” I was such a foolish man.

I then decided to consider the things that I have access to in my life. First, I have God. The King of all Kings. The Creator of myself, and the universe. The all power, all knowing, supernatural God who can literally split a red sea. A God who makes tumors vanish with the snap of His finger. A man who doesn’t have to pray to see healing, all He needs to do is think about it.

I also have access to this all-knowing, all-powerful King’s Spirit. It is placed inside of me, along with every single tool I will ever need to accomplish God’s purpose for my life. Holy Spirit dwells inside of me, is my friend, is my guide, and through Him, I can lay my hands on an individual and see healing. Through Him I can directly access and speak to this God who shifts bones, moves mountains, and makes the sun rise and fall.

Now tell me, if I had access to the two most powerful sources that I can possibly have in the entire universe and in the history of all mankind, would I be a foolish man to not take hold of these accesses and use them to my benefit? The answer is absolutely.

What if I gave you ten pounds of gold and said take this gold so you no longer suffer, and then you put the gold in your closet, not even attempting to exchange it for money and get out of debt, or travel like you wanted, whatever the case may be. Instead, you take a job that makes you depressed, and you work hard to make the money you needed.

You see, people have access to God and His Spirit, but don’t use the advantages of it, because they leave it in their closet, unable to access it. The point is, God did not call us to live a broken life. Jesus came so that we may have life, and have it more abundantly, than we can without Him (John 10:10).

Does this mean you won’t go through shadows and trails? No! You will be tested. The enemy will attack. But the way you come out on the other side of it, is what changes. Your posture through the trial is what will change. Your attitude, your outlook, is what will change. Your faith will be accessed. All of this will happen if you take hold of what is yours. The privilege of what you have in your very hands and spirit, is the gift that God has given you. He gave you the cheat code to a blessed life. You don’t have to spend your own strength trying to break the code. The code was given to you!

What this means is that you can be tested, but you don’t have to lose your joy. You can be heartbroken, but you don’t have to be broken. The God that lives inside of you has made a way for you to have peace and joy every single moment of every single day.

God even tells us to rejoice and be glad in our trials. He would not ask something of us that is not possible. He is way too smart for that. He said to be joyous in the trial because He knows that He can exchange your sorrow for joy. He knows that it is such a simple task for Him to do. He knows He will turn everything that the enemy meant for bad, into something good and beautiful. But if you don’t access your gold, it sits in your closet, leaving you poor and broken.

Life can be incredibly challenging if you live through your flesh. That is foolish. However, through God, you don’t have to live through your flesh. God tells us that He will trade our sorrows for joy and turn mourning into dancing. All we need to do is ask for His help. If we simply use our logic and wisdom, what it comes down to is a choice. You must choose not to be depressed. You must choose that you want a better life. You must choose to want to be healed and for God to move in your life in miraculous ways.

If you truly believe God, if you truly know His character, then regardless of your circumstances, you will be joyous because you know that you have a powerful being in your corner who will fight every one of your battles.

Let’s choose an abundant life over a sorrowful one every day that we are on this earth. Let’s break down our idols that we place above God. Let’s put our trust and faith in God rather than broken systems and man. Let’s choose something better for ourselves. If we ask for these things, then we will receive the blessings of God.



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